K’s room–the creation and destruction of the world

HUNG Wei-Lin

Taiwan〡2020〡Exp〡Color〡15 min〡English
✧ 2021 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
✧2021 Best Experimental Film, 43th Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films
✧2022 13th Taiwan International Documentary Festival–Special Jury Prize, Asian Vision Competition

K'S ROOM is a mental space, which is a metaphor for the complex relationship between men, boundaries, and the Taiwanese nation during martial law. All the lines in the film are quotes from the NEW ENGLISH GRAMMAR (new edition) - one of Taiwan’s most popular English grammar books - and are aimed at restructuring the mental state of its author, Mr. K, during his incarceration, as he was sent to prison because of his left-wing ideas.


HUNG Wei-Lin

HUNG Wei-Lin is an independent filmmaker graduated from ESEC, France (École supérieure d'études cinématographiques). Once worked as a TV screenplay writer, a TV program manager, and a film marketing specialist, now she focuses on film innovations and screenplay writings, attempting to make voices of the histories hidden and of the memories forgotten throughout time.

09.02 ㊅ 14:00〡旗津tha̍k冊〡 Q&A session with the Director
09.16 ㊅ 19:00〡透南風咖啡聚場
同場放映:《記憶拆除 》《直到海裡長出森林》(《迷藏 》/《顫抖著》)


Mr. Ke Qi-Hua’s biggest son had recalled how he prepared himself before visiting his father in prison with his mother for the first time: he read the NEW ENGLISH GRAMMAR closely, from the first page till the end. That caught my attention at once: in their reunion, the father and the son did not talk about the decade taken viciously by the nation and what they had lost and how they missed each other, but about the English grammar. Then I came to realize that the grammar, though it seemed to be regulatory and full of boundaries, was, in fact, the emotional bridge that connected the father and the son. So I built this ROOM with English grammar. It’s an editorial room for the NEW ENGLISH GRAMMAR, an ideal prison for the KMT government to show the West that we were so against the communists, and an excuse for Mr. Ke Qi-Hua to lie his children that he was “working in the United States.”In this ROOM, your mind and soul can always be free while your body and language are not.


故事是從 1960年出版的《新英文法》的作者柯旗化先生開始的。他因左傾思想及戒嚴時期的「叛亂罪」被逮捕入獄,前後加總長達十七年。影片中,用柯旗化先生著作裡所出現的字詞像是自由、平等、尊重,用敘述者說文解字的方式,對比著入獄之後的生活場景、窗戶、大海等等,在觀者我的感受中,這些字詞因為強烈的視覺對比,在我心中重新被召喚而有了新的生命。

《K 的房間——關於世界的創造與毀滅》,對我而言是當頭棒喝之作,看完身心像是被灌入活血般的雙眼變得清澈,推薦給您。

11.04 ㊄ 17:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳
11.09 ㊂ 18:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
同場放映:《蜃樓記》《As Time Goes By》《非常,非常,非常地》《你誰》
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