2023 South Taiwan Film Festival Joins Forces with Busan Inter-city Film Festival to Showcase Taiwanese New Excellence.



Highlighting the talented Taiwanese independent filmmakers, this year's South Taiwan Film Festival proudly presents three exceptional works that garnered nominations and awards at the 2022 Southern Awards - Chinese Film Competition. Audiences in Korea and around the world will have the opportunity to experience the enchanting unique film crafted by Taiwan's emerging talents.


Initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Busan Cinema Center, the Busan Inter-city Film Festival is orchestrated by the Busan Independent Film Association (BIFA). This visionary endeavor aims to connect UNESCO-certified “Cities of Film” around the world, bridging cultural divides through the power of cinema. Notably, the South Taiwan Film Festival, representing its city Tainan, stands as the sole non-UN member Chinese city in this endeavor. The event boasts the participation of eleven cities including Busan (South Korea), Galway (Ireland), Gdynia (Poland), Valladolid (Spain), Bitola (Macedonia), Wellington (New Zealand), Santos (Brazil), Yamagata (Japan), Potsdam (Germany), and Tainan (Taiwan). Through the charisma of cinema, these cities forge bonds and improve cultural dialogue.


This year, South Taiwan Film Festival recommends three films, all attempting to break the classical narratives and explore aesthetics between various genres. First, is from CHEN Chun-Tien's "Chronicle of Nowhere", a science fiction narrative that "defamiliarizes" the remains of the 1980s flying saucer houses on the northern coast in Taiwan into a sci-fi apocalyptic scene. Next is "Dorm" by Your Bros. Filmmaking Group, which disguises (but with real objects) a female dormitory and invites south-east Asian workers to stage performances, by telling the story of their very own working experiences in Taiwan. Lastly, "Family Trips" by LIU Chi-Tung, LIU Chi-Fan presents a family using smartphones, digital camera, and DV footage to narrate a private history of a Taiwan family, reflecting the very authentic aspects of ordinary Taiwanese life.


The collaboration between the South Taiwan Film Festival and the Busan Inter-city Film Festival, to connect cities through cinema. With STFF’s commitment to global perspectives, spirit of independent cinema, and social issues, the STFF will continue to propel Taiwanese directors onto the international stage, offering Tainan and global audiences more diverse and vivid Taiwanese cinema.