South Award
Chinese Films Competition

Established in millennium, and held The South Award—Chinese Films Competition since the 3rd, The STFF and its competition encourages filmmakers who dedicated to Chinese issues, regardless his/her race, nationality but aim to offer audience with multi-perspective, radical, avant-garde and innovative spirits in works.

Competitions and Award of the 21st STFF


South Award Prizes includes:

South Award: 1 for 80.000 NTD
Best Filim: 30,000 NTD, 1 winner for each category. Fiction for 2 categories (in feature, which more than 60mins. Less than 59mins), Documentary, Animation and Experimental film. (The SOUTH Prize would take place from one winner of 5 categories. Hence there will be only 4 category winners and 1 SOUTH Prize winner)
Rookie of the Year: 1 for 30,000 NTD
Citizen TAINAN Award: 1 for 20,000 NTD​
Maverick of the Year Award: 1 Merit Award for 50,000 NTD. 2 Honorable Mention for 20,000 NTD
Human Rights Award: 1 for 30,000 NTD



【南方學生獎】:為影展今年度增設的獎項。在經過二十個年頭之後,我們瞭解學生製片過程中對於資金、技術及宣傳管道的匱乏,希望鼓勵學生藉由影像表達自身的體會或觀察。本獎項由 其中短片頻道 Together We Film 贊助,期待挖掘學生獨立創作的突破與可能性!

Human Rights Award南方影展在2012年起至今由「財團法人育合春文教基金會」贊助創辦「人權關懷獎」,期望鼓勵當年度挖掘人權議題、促進社會平等的入圍影片,曾獲選作品包括觸及同志婚姻平權的《牧者》與《我和我的T媽媽》、推進司法改革的《徐自強的練習題》、記錄原住民認同與部落文化的《排灣人撒古流:十五年後》等。

Competition Preliminary Jury

黃丹琪 HUANG Dan-Chi

Born in 1987, HUANG Dan-Chi’s previous shorts were selected for Short Shorts Film & Asia, Golden Bell Awards and Beijing Independent Film Festival. VR project Madame Pirate(2021) was selected by South by Marché du Film Cannes XR Program, Southwest Film Festival, NewImages Festival and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

蘇明彥 SU Ming-Yen

Su Ming-yen obtained a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Nevertheless, he has lost his trust in the news reports and believes that cinema, which seems full of dream and fantasy, is closer to the reality. His works were shown and awarded at many film festivals, including Kaohsiung Film Festival, South Taiwan Film Festival, Urban Nomad Film Festival and Taiwan International Documentary Festival. In Their Teens, on which Su worked as editor, won Best Documentary Short Film at the Golden Horse Awards, the Grand Prize at the Golden Harvest Awards and the First Place at the New Taipei City Documentary Awards. Together with director Chou Shang-ting, Su founded Flow Pictures Production Ltd.

黃勻弦 HUANG Yun-Hsien

Born 1982 into a craftsman's family in Changhua, Taiwan. Hsien started selling her dough at the temple. When she was a child. She believes that stop-motion animation and dough-crafting both emphasize the unique hand-made spirit. She hopes to show the different expressions of the declining traditional culture.

蘇致亨 SU Chih-Heng

Chih-Heng Su is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University. He was an advisor to the Minister of Culture in Taiwan and a former researcher at the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute. His first book, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Taiwan: The Life and Death of Taiwanese Hokkien Cinema” (in Chinese, 2020), has won the Taiwan Literature Award and Openbook Award, also shortlisted for the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) Book Prize 2021 Chinese Language Edition. In 2021, he curated an exhibition titled "Cinema and Censorship in Authoritarian Taiwan" at the National Human Rights Museum in Taipei. He is completing his second book about forgotten LGBT film history in Taiwan to be published by SpringHill (Taiwan).

陳巧真 CHAN Hau-Chun

Chan Hau-Chun is an independent filmmaker and photographer in Hong Kong. Graduated from The City University of Hong Kong in 2014, Chan started her career in documentary film endeavor after her active participation in Cheung Chau Master Documentary Camp in 2013. Her notable work, 32+4 was nominated for Golden Horse Best Documentary Section in 2015 and was awarded the Principal Prize at the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

陳湘汶 CHEN Hsiang-Wen

A curator with a background in art history and art critique, Chen Hsiang-Wen serves as the Art Director at Digital Art Center, Taipei, with research focuses on moving images and an array of new media art. Chen is a heavy user of cellphone, an addict to the Internet, and a cat fancier. In recent years, she has participated in numerous curatorial projects, including “Live in-betweens-Mongolia and Central Asia, A Contemporary Art Perspective”(2022, Taiwan), "16th Digital Art Festival Taipei- Borderless Shelter"(2021, Taiwan), "Traveling Backwards-to the stories we left behond"(2021, Taiwan), “A Rhythm of Tree Forming the Forest” (2021, Taiwan)“15th Digital Art Festival Taipei-01_LOVE” (2020, Taiwan), “Letter.Callus.Post-War” (2019, Taiwan; Indonesia), “Expanded Experimental Animation Festival IV” (2019, Taiwan), “Is/In-Land: Mongolian-Taiwanese Contemporary Art Exchange Project” (2018, Taiwan; Mongolia)

Citizen TAINAN Award Competition Jury

甘明濬 KAN Ming-Jui

KAN Ming-Jui aka Ah-Kan, settled down in his hometown Tainan after ten years of north-drifting. KAN has produced numerous TV shows and films such as The Teenage Psychic with HBO Asia (2017) and Nowhere Man with Netflix (2019). With his rich experience of production, he founded Tai Lam Lang Club for those who have potential and are interested in filmmaking. He believed that people could bond with places and each other through storytelling.

黃健凱 HUANG Jian-Kai

HUANG Jian-Kai, a history teacher at Catholic Sheng Kung Girls’ High School, specializes in Taiwan History. HUANG has many years of experience in teaching, yet his humble attitude often makes the impression of a newcomer. He always encourages his students to contemplate and be themselves. As the Student Activities Section Chief, he has launched a humanities and cultures book club and a student-published school magazine. His passion for films helps him introduce resources and lectures into the campus, which influences students to appreciate the filming art.

王振愷  Jheng-kai WANG

Jheng-kai WANG is a curator, image writer and art critique. WANG serves as a member of board at South Taiwan Film Association and Taiwan Film Critics Society. He has devoted his life to practicing a specialized curatorial method of cross-media in writing and images. His work covers film, contemporary art, and independent research and critical writing of southern art.

Competition Final-stage Jury

謝文明 Joe HSIEH

An independent Taiwan animation director whose works often explore the dark side of human nature and are filled with horror and suspense. His films have captured attention in many international film festivals. Meat Days (2006) was nominated in the Pusan International and Hiroshima Animation Film Festivals. The Present (2014) was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival and was awarded Best Animated Short Film at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. He collaborated in the production of No. 7 Cherry Lane (2019) which won Best Screenplay at the Venice International Film Festival. Night Bus (2020) was awarded Best Animated Short Film at Sundance Film Festival, Grand Prix Best Short Film at Animafest Zagreb, received Public Prize at Ottawa International Animation Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short Subject at the Annie Awards.

李芸嬋 LEE Yun-Chan

Movie, TV grama and CF director.Selected for the Busan Film Festival, the Tokyo Film Festival, and the Golden Horse Awards. And won the Golden Horse Award for Best Short Film for The Magical Washing Machine 2004.


葉奕蕾 Elysa Wendi

As the curator of Hong Kung Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival, Elysa Wendi preoccupies with the abstraction of memory from place, time and biographical traces. She explores her works in film, photography and performance. She has won the best experimental film in South Taiwan Film Festival 2018 with her film 1958 Delivery and best documentary film in Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2020 with her film Forgive or Not to Forgive. In 2015, Wendi co-founded Cinemovement, a platform to facilitating the creation of inter-disciplinary filmic works through a laboratory setting. The derivative works, Faraway My Shadow Wandered (2020), a film that mixes documentary and fiction elements, premiered at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, and has been screened at other major film festivals, including the Singapore International Film Festival and the France Cinéma du réel.

林木材 Wood LIN

Wood Lin is film critic and program director of Taiwan International Documentary Festival since 2013. His monograph “Out of Frame: Taiwan Documentary Filmmakers’ Portraits” was published in 2012. He was juror for the Cinema Fund of Ministry of Culture, the Grants of National Culture and Arts Foundation, as well as various international film festivals, including DMZ IDFF (South Korea), IFF Rotterdam (Holland), Ji.hilava IDFF (Czech Republic), DokuFest (Kosovo), Golden Horse Awards and Taipei Film Festival.