1958 Delivery

Elysa Wendi

Hong Kong、Singapore〡2017〡Exp〡15min〡Color, BW〡No Dialogue
2018 坎城影展 短片角落單元 入選

The journey of a funeral flowers delivery man searching for an address, travelling across Sheung Wan from Hollywood Road to Tai Ping Shan Street, caught between moment of condolences, the past and the ever changing landscapes. This film is inspired by Nagano Shigeichi’s photographic book, Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958 and re-imagined further of hidden stories of trapped souls in old houses destined for demolition.


Elysa Wendi

Preoccupied with the abstraction of memory from place, time and biographical traces, Elysa Wendi explores her works in film, photography and performance. Her recent notable project, “10 x 10” hosted by WING - Platform for Performance in Hong Kong (2015), is a task based reading performance based on 100 books borrowed from 10 choreographers in Hong Kong. I t is now further developed to embark on a journey to meet 100 choreographers from 10 countries with the initiative of 1000 Performative Interpretations on their books. In 2013, Wendi received a mentorship grant from National Arts Council Singapore to study with Chinese filmmaker Ying Liang (2013-2015) and co-founded Cinemovement, a platform to host dance film laboratory together with film producer Jeremy Chua in 2015. Elysa Wendi graduated with an MFA (Distinction) in Choreography from HKAPA in 2015. She is now residing in Hong Kong and working between Hong Kong and Singapore.



這部片名的由來,是來自一張1958年所拍攝的照片發想的。「 慢遞 」指的是送貨員,片中,用花圈作為一家店到一家棺材店的串場。