3 Generations 3 Days

Hoi Ying CHU

Hong Kong〡2019〡Fic〡20min〡Color〡Cantonese〡English Subtitle
2019 鮮浪潮國際短片節 鮮浪潮大獎、最佳導演獎
2019 台灣國際女性影展 亞洲新銳短片 單元放映

Ching is asked to take care of her grandmother who has arrived at Hong Kong from mainland China and is to be admitted into a nursing home soon. During the three days, she and her grandmother spend time together, she learns more about her grandmother and how the past has shaped her mother with whom she finds difficult to communicate. The three women from different generations each has her own share of pain in striving to survive and fulfilling commitments in life. With her new insight, Ching is inspired to re-examine her relationship with her mother.


Hoi Ying CHU

BA from CUHK Music, MFA from HKBU Film. Chu’s documentary short film Disappearing in Central was awarded outstanding documentary award at 2014 Global Chinese University Student Film Festival. Chu was a member of Asian Film Academy at Busan International Film Festival in 2016. She involved in the filming and editing of the documentary film I’ve got the blues which got the 2019 Film Merit Award from HK Film Critics Society. She finished making her Fresh Wave short film 3 Generations 3 Days and got a full scholarship for 2019 International Film Business Academy from Busan Asian Film School which has been introduced as one of the top 15 international film schools at The Hollywood Reporter.