30 Days of Shoegazing

Pei Hsin CHO

Germany〡2019〡Ani〡5min〡Color〡No Dialogue
✧ 2020 南方影展 南方新人獎

Introversion and shyness are gifts, embracing them is a skill to learn.


Pei Hsin CHO

Pei Hsin CHO is a Taiwanese visual storyteller with a particular focus on illustration and animation, currently based in Berlin. Her work is narrative-based and revolves around sensationalism and sentimentalism, at themes of self-introspection, mentality, psychology. Her visual language takes personal sentiment and wraps this with rational narration to catalyse subjective experience and memory. It whispers in a tender but lingered voice that provoke emotional truths to its reader. She sees her work as emotional band aids, to her and to the viewers.


主持人|宣傳統籌 / 劉映辰
與談人|《30 Days of Shoegazing》卓霈欣