A Dream of Spring

Shih Han TSAO

Taiwan〡2017〡Fic〡22min〡Color〡Mandarin〡English Subtitle
2018 金穗獎 最佳男演員獎
2017 高雄電影節 高雄拍單元 放映

Zhao's veteran dorm roommate, Feng, passed away. The borough magistrate is taking theashes back to Feng’s hometown, but Zhao insists on keeping Feng’s ashes for one more day. Zhao drinks on with Feng and reminisces of their past romance with Ah-Feng the prostitute. Zhao decides to take Feng to bid Ah-Feng farewell; thus beings a journey in search for the last consolation of life.


Shih Han TSAO

TSAO Shih Han graduated from Taipei University of the Arts, major in film director. Good at humor style to explain the reality of life. His films gain many appreciation at home and abroad.