Abduction 2: Public Domain

TAN Jia Hao (Xiong zai xia) 

China〡2018〡Exp〡28min〡Color, BW〡Cantonese〡English Subtitle

Some occurrences themselves are forgotten and being got rid of any copyrights. What’s more these occurrences were created and shared by people in a certain place. Although these occurrences are worthless, they are still meaningful for reservation. When the places that something occurred have changed gradually, will occurrences themselves die out soon? As an individual, I may record something.


TAN Jia Hao (Xiong zai xia)

Xiongzaixia, aka. Tan Jiahao, was born in 1989 and comes from Shunde, Guangdong. Xiongzaixia graduated from School of Foreign Studies South China Normal University and was major in Russian. Xiongzaixia has become a cinephilla since 2008. He´s mainly active in Douban.com. He has foucused on resource sharing, download technology, subtitle translation, research of the film history of Soviet & Russia, collection of film, searching and digging for hidden gems. Xiongzaixia has translated 166 films’ Chinese subtitles from 2009 to 2014. From 2014 Xiongzaixia as an amateur director tries to make indie documentaries by limited resource.