After the Riots, Before the Liberation

Chung Hong IU

Hong Kong〡2020〡Exp〡15min〡Color, BW〡Cantonese〡English Subtitle

2019, in Hong Kong, protests become our daily life. The stuffs in the streets after each protest are changing our urban landscape, and they become the view of our everyday life. Graffitis on walls, unscrewed railings, bricks, respirators, safety goggles. Everything records what has happened in the city and witnesses our beliefs. I walked through the streets with my camera after protests. Mr. LIU Yi Chang let the objects tell the story in his nouveau roman short story, Riot, in 1968. Likewise, I let the objects play the narrators and tell us about the protests. Moreover, there are conversations and dialectic between different narrators…


Chung Hong IU

Chung Hong IU is an independent film director based in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked in a NGO, Civil Human Rights Front. He has a vocation for social movement and film-making. He is also an amateur photographer. His photography works were exhibited in numbers of galleries in Asia and Europe.



EP.6 剪黏批判的漫遊者〡專訪《暴動之後,光復之前》導演姚仲匡

藝術總監.黃柏喬〡31min〡12 SEP 2020



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