An Adventure of A HK Girl in Taiwan

Hung Chi HUANG

Taiwan〡2019〡Doc〡15min〡Color〡Mandarin〡English Subtitle

Motivated by her love for the ocean, Hei Yang, a Hong Kong girl who had moved to Taiwan for her studies, had contributed in reducing plastic waste on this island for many years. As an environmental activist, she always brings her own utensils when shopping; she had also set up a Facebook page to promote the idea of environmental protection to the public through her own sketches. She had once said, “It’s important that we maintain a pro-environmental attitude in our daily lives. Earth can survive without humans; humans cannot survive without Earth.“ Through environmental education and countless coastal cleanups, Hei Yang hopes to remind Taiwan citizens the importance environmental protection. Her dedication to her dream had led her to overcome many obstacles and proceed on this difficult path, protecting the island from harm.


Hung Chi HUANG

Graduated from National Tainan Commercial Vocational Senior High School Department of International Trade. Being passionate at movie creation. Presented at Radio and TV Camp by National Chengchi University and Movie creation camp by Taiwan Public Television. Has been a volunteering at Nouth Taiwan Film Festival and other film festivals. Presented some literature and art competitions with good results. Now studying at Department of Filmmaking, Taipei National University of the Arts.