Aël Théry, Marine Ottogalli

France〡2019〡Doc〡69min〡Color〡Mandarin, Shanghainese, Anhui dialect〡English Subtitle
✧ 2020 南方影展 最佳紀錄片獎

Ayi is 50 years old. She has witty eyes and long black hair falling down her back. She comes from Anhui, a rural area of Eastern China and doesn't have a “Hukou,” the residential permit that allows her to work and live legally in Shanghai. Yet, she has been cooking for 20 years in the streets, in an old Shanghai's neighborhood soon to be demolished. Indeed, local residents fight not to be evicted from their homes, but the landscape is more and more empty. Ayi, and the women around her, struggle to earn a living and more than all, to escape the “Chengguan,” the local police. The movie unveils the chaos of an ultra-modern city, aiming to wipe out so-called substandard practices and to deport an unwanted population, embodied by Ayi, an outspoken and strong woman.


Aël Théry

After her studies in Chinese language and in restaurant and catering services, Aël Théry engaged in anthropology and graduated with a master's degree in EHESS. She pursues her scholarship with a thesis researching on contemporary Chinese society. Her interest in cuisines techniques' transfer of knowledge brought her to learn the cook's work first in Taiwan then in China. During her two-year fieldwork and life in Shanghai, she created urban trails through street food. This is where the movie Ayi originated. This documentary is her first movie.

Marine Ottogalli

After studies in cinematography, Marine developed her documentary gaze through anthropological studies in EHESS. In 2015, she autoproduced her first documentary, Sveinn-à-Mula, The Icelander who ran out of Petrol. As a director of photography, she works for various documentary projects, and is part of the struggle for the survival of the independant cinema theatre, La Clef, in Paris. In this movie Ayi, Marine shoots the daily struggles of a woman wondering about her future as a street-food cook.


與談人|《阿姨》Aël Théry, Marine Ottogalli

EP.16 轉角偶遇上海阿姨 〡專訪《阿姨》導演艾蕾 Aël Théry

藝術總監.黃柏喬、競賽統籌.張喬勛〡36min〡26 SEP 2020


​艾蕾(Aël Théry)導演於法國出生、在台灣與中國求學,具有人類學與餐飲背景的她,拍攝由外地來到上海的小吃攤販「阿姨」。本片與同具人類學背景的 Marine Ottogalli 共同執導,記錄了被拆遷的巷弄,艾蕾將分享自身經歷,拍片過程與文化上的觀察。

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