Before and After

Hsiu Yu HAN

Taiwan〡2019〡Fic〡25min〡Color〡Mandarin〡English Subtitle
✧ 2021 金穗獎 最佳劇情片獎 (一般組)入圍
✧ 2020 夕張奇幻國際影展 競賽組入圍

In 1998 Singapore, at the peak of the Asian Financial Crisis, a man and his family spend their final day on Earth at Sentosa island. There, he comes to confront the peculiar closeness between salvation and terror.


Hsiu Yu HAN

Born in Kinmen, Taiwan. He graduated from the Master's Program (MFA) of the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at Shih Hsin University. He has been the director and screenwriter of many short films. He was shortlisted for the 46th TV Golden Bell Award “Mini TV Series / TV Movie Screenwriter Award”. Currently, he continues to work in the field of film production.


主持人|執行長 / 張岑豪

EP.17 觀景窗裡的女性記事〡專訪《女兒牆》導演韓修宇、攝影師蕭逸凡

藝術總監.黃柏喬、活動統籌.黃冠倫〡28min〡30 SEP 2020


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