Bike in Tainan 

Chih Ming LAN

Taiwan〡2019〡Doc〡11min〡Color〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡English Subtitle

I used to take metro and ride bike to work during my foreign years. After years now back to my country Tainan, I find myself could only drive or choosing motor bike in the city, because there are so less regular bike lanes, and no bikes on them. It looks I was forced by the city to make the only choice to drive. I goto my 2 friends, one is the bike shop owner and the other is NCKU Urban Plan PHD. I finally understand how to bike in Tianan.


Chih Ming LAN

I own a chocolate shop in Tainan. I worked in Shanghai for 8 years, love photography and care environment a lot according to my outdoor brand working experience. I have no experience of film making, thank South TWN Film Org to train me of all the skills.