Wu Ching CHANG

Taiwan〡2019〡Ani〡5min〡Color〡No Dialogue
2019 巴西Anim!Arte國際動畫影展 入圍
2019 美國紐瓦克國際影展 入圍
2019 哥倫比亞Equinoxio影展 入圍

The girl suffers from great discomfort without warning, like a disaster. When panic is accompanied by flapping-wing, a chaotic, dissociated journey of her unconsciousness is about to begin.The film is based on panic attack and ornithophobia. Through materializing the feelings of people who suffer from a panic attack and ornithophobia, the director aims to discuss the core issues of fear, life and death.


Wu Ching CHANG

Wu Ching CHANG recently study MA. Experimental Animation at Royal College of Art, UK. She graduated with a B.F.A. New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts in 2015. She has worked as a freelance artist in animation and illustration for 9 years, and she'd also worked as a concept and cinematic artist in game industry for 3 years. Her animation short film Mother won the quality award. In K. T. Creativity Award and the best visual effects award in 4C Digital Content Awards. The film has been selected for 17 film festivals, and screened in film festivals in USA, UK, Romania, India, France, and Greece.