Building Blocks 

Chung Yan WONG

Hong Kong〡2019〡Exp〡31min〡Color〡Cantonese〡No Subtitle

Building Blocks is a room journey. I recorded the gradual move of my grandfather and his objects which living in public estate in 30 years. During the period, family concepts stored in the space and objects are disappearing and losing its form. A 400 square feet space for family reunion has changed back to an insignificant rental unit. Through the reconstruction of the unique placements, structures and traces of marks in the house, I remembered how I stay in the place. The nature of space and preservation of my family memories are arising in mind, making noises.


Chung Yan WONG

WONG's works are highly linked with daily recordings. Inspired by the structure of poetry, she fascinated to explore the juxtaposition of images and sounds in a way to present consciousness. Installation, experimental video and film photography are the recent presentations of WONG's works. Currently studying in School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.