Children of the Sea

Guo Wei TANG

China〡2020〡Doc〡88min〡Color〡Cantonese〡English Subtitle
11.08(日) 17:00 線上座談︱南方影展官方臉書

Children of the Sea films a group of fishermen Dankka who live in this sea area. Dankka, a.k.a “Overseas Gipsy,” is a name for residents living in the sea along the China coastal line. Generation by generation, they cradled in the sea, housed in the wooden boat and count on fishing. 5 years of photographing unfolds the livelihood of a Dankka family LU Chang Yi's family. Three generations from the LU's have witnessed the change of marine ecological environment along with the social change, which also bring the confusion but hope to this fishermen family.


Guo Wei TANG

Guo Wei TANG, born in Guangxi, China on June 30, 1990, graduated from the Art Department of Beijing University of Science and Technology and the Director Department of China Media University. Director, screenwriter, producer, and completed the documentary Children of the Sea in 2020.



EP.25 拍海的人​〡專訪《大海的孩子》導演唐國威

藝術總監.黃柏喬〡27min〡14 OCT 2020


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