Hsiang Chun LEE

Taiwan〡2019〡Fic〡25min〡Color〡Mandarin, Sign language〡English Subtitle
2019 台灣國際女性影展 台灣競賽獎 入圍

To be a CODA (child of deaf adult), “Tien-Sheng” learnt to express love through body language and eye contact without speech. He was the bridge to communicate with the outer world for his family since young. After his father’s passing, his daily routine was to accompany his mother to the morning market and translate throughout including those embarrassing topics for a teenager. However, with the passage of Tien-Sheng’s puberty, he discovered his hearing is deteriorating. With the upcoming dance competition, he chose to escape from reality and dare not to confront with his mother. Just like the gradual deterioration of hearing and his father’s memorial ceremony, the lost will never return in life but the footprints of memories will be left behind.


Hsiang Chun LEE

Hsiang Chun LEE, born in 1990 in Taoyuan. With love I create, for love I work.