De Novo

Wei Jie SU

Taiwan〡2019〡Ani〡4min〡Color〡English〡English Subtitle
2019 放視大賞 動畫類銅獎

Those who cut the water, we call them water tailor. Cutting water sounds like wasting time, but there's something that would jump out from the crack. Fish.Every fish has 33 seconds to choose if he wants to die or to be put back into the water. Almost every fish would choose to be put back into the water. But one day, a fish died without a struggle.


Wei Jie SU

Wei Jie SU. Now studying in Shih Chien University Department of Communications Design, majoring in 3D animation. SU has been participated in making of nomination title animation of 53rd Golden Bell Award-Bestwriting Award. She does not just only animation, but also illustration and graphic design.