Family Trips

LIU Chi-Tung, LIU Chi-Fan

Taiwan〡2022〡Exp〡Color〡24 min〡Taiwanese, Mandarin

More than 60 years ago, my father followed his parents and took the train to Kaohsiung. Little did he know it was a one way trip and grew up in Liuhe Night Market ever since. Then he became a Japanese tour guide, traveling around and accompanying countless families. The most complete time we spent together was to go out with my father’s group–a way to improve intimacy. Due to the pandemic, his work has been suspended. If the past is a kind of scenery where sight-seeing is laid above; this film is a journey of himself.


LIU Chi-Tung

Graduated from Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Material Arts and Design. A full-time contemporary artist. She focuses on piercing the prick point in daily scenery. Through the recalling of forgotten memories and the connections in her, she pays attention to the invisible rivers under the modern facilities, especially the rupture of language between landscape and the remains recently.

LIU Chi-Fan

Graduated from the Institute of Art Education and Creation of Tsinghua University, has won the “Chi Mei Art Award” and “Taiwan Art New Look Award”. In recent years, he has been wandering between picture book illustration and artistic creation, exploring male individuals with negative qualities in body memory, and the possibility of the disappearance of the division of gender opposition.

05.27 ㊅ 10:00〡土城圖書館〡 Q&A session with the Director


This film is about an experimental trip made by us, who lived outside several years and tried to deal with our relationship with our parents. By family tour and video shooting, we copied a couple of ways which our parents used to accompany us before. It is made mainly by old time home videos and a new trip documentary. Not only is the frame size but cross-cut images made by family members both represent the differences of time. It is a carving of family relationships.

11.05 ㊅ 10:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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