Floating on Water

SU Yi-Hui

Taiwan〡2021〡Fic〡Color〡27 min〡Mandarin, Taiwanese
✧ 2021 Raindance Film Festival, Finalist

Khun-sin is like a solitary island, and those who are struggling in water.
Faced with the missing husband who set sail to the seas, Yue’s life is just like swept by the current as well, whereas her little Ren is looking for the water striders. What he wonders is why they can live safely in water without sinking.


SU Yi-Hui

SU Yi-hui is a Taiwanese director, screenwriter, and editor who was born in Tainan. Graduated from National Taiwan University of the Arts with a master’s degree in Radio and Television Applied Media Track. FLOATING ON WATER is her first short film and graduation thesis.

06.03 ㊅ 14:30〡北頭娛椿共同實驗空間〡 Q&A session with the Director
10.21 ㊅ 14:30〡SEAMi 望見書間


Born in a coastal village in Tainan, the director and writer experienced the common journey of leaving and reflecting. Everyone leaves for big cities in search of something, including oneself. In the cities, some look back on the hometown they left behind–like a deserted island. What is it that the people are still holding onto? The story begins here. Gazing from an anxious long shot, the director returns to film her hometown that’s both familiar and estranged. Water striders, floating on water and never sinking, symbolize the seemingly insignificant people in the margins of society. The unadorned scenes of life, lights, smells, and repeated routines, subtly manifest the villagers’ leaving and staying, obsessing and letting go, choices and struggles.

11.13 ㊐ 10:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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