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Kai-Ming BAI

Taiwan〡2022〡Doc〡Color, BW〡25 min〡Mandarin, Taiwanese

The childhood traumas of family breakdown left me a deep scar, which later became the primary cause for my suffering from depression. While undergoing the mental treatment, I finally summoned up the courage to face up to the broken family and the fragile inner self, trying to uncover the truth behind.


Kai-Ming BAI

Adept at exploring questions encountered in his life through artistic works, BAI has created many works reflecting his doubts and confusion, including photography portfolios Waving Goodbye to Depression, Where Light Cannot Reach, Light River. His latest documentary Home Video aims to confront the traumas that still cut deep in his current stage of life.

05.04 ㊃ 13:30〡高雄科技大學 藝文中心(燕巢校區)〡★ Q&A session with the Director


With the progress of psychotherapy, I look back on my growth history. I figured out that a decade ago, my broken family was due to the quarrels of my parent. Those fuzzy memories and true feelings unexpectedly caused an indelible scare on my body. Therefore, I planned to shoot Home Video to figure out the problem between myself and my family. The meaning is to rewrite my family history and try to resolve the pain of myself and my family. To me, the process of making this piece of work is not only a way of grooming myself but also a part of my treatment.

11.06 ㊐ 10:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡★ Q&A session with the Director
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