Homesick Tongue

Hui Ping CHEN

Taiwan〡2019〡Doc〡81min〡Color, BW〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡English Subtitle
2019 台灣國際女性影展 台灣競賽 入圍
2019 台北電影節 明日‧台灣 觀摩單元

Kollyan’s hometown is in Cambodia. Every time she misses her mother, she has to leave her family in Taiwan, in order to reunite with her parents. Sally’s parents are no longer around, but whenever she follows her mother’s steps based on her memory, she feels as though she has returned to her mother’s side. As for me, who has never experienced the pain of migration, an encounter of an identity mix-up at a foreign country’s immigration checkpoint causing me to be identified as someone else, made me constantly wonder “Who am I?” ever since.


Hui Ping CHEN

Born in 1980 in Taiwan. Graduated from the Graduate Institute of Studies in Documentary and Film Archiving of Tainan National University of the Arts. Because of her own experience growing up, she is interested in the underlying existence and life of workers. No matter what is the distance between image and reality, her purpose is to get closer to the truth of the heart.