Yu Hen SO

Taiwan〡2018〡Doc〡54min〡Color〡Indonesian〡English Subtitle
2019 山形國際紀錄片影展 亞洲千波萬波競賽 入圍

H is a migrant worker from Indonesia like wandering around and he already ran away for over a year. He built a temporary hut on his ex-employer’s farmland. He took his friend R in the shelter who ran away from metal processing factory and almost got caught when working in a tea plantation. Because of that R rarely steps outside the hut. Tonight, H receives a phone call from his friend T. She said she runs away from fruit processing factory and will come over with her friend B who also ran away from the auto-parts factory. Later the night, run away housekeeper E and D who run away from screw factory appear in the hut. In the same night, the hut of H already becomes well-known.


Yu Hen SO

Yo Hen SO born 1982 Taiwan, Tainan. He and his friends start up an amateur filmmaking group, named Your Bros.