Letter to the Outsider

Dorothy ​CHEUNG

Hong Kong、Netherlands〡2018〡Exp〡7min〡BW〡English〡English Subtitle 
2018 首爾國際女性影展 亞洲競賽 入圍

The short film is based on a letter transgresses the boundary of inside and outside, here and there. Witnessing Hong Kong’s political imprisonment far from home, the film attempts to question human perception of a space or a country, reflected in images of repurposed prisons in the Netherlands.


Dorothy ​CHEUNG

Dorothy Cheung is a writer and artist, currently studying Media Design (Lens-based) in Piet Zwart Institute, the Netherlands. Her photography works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Iceland, and the Netherlands. She has co-written the screenplay of Pseudo Secular (2016), the film is selected for various festivals including South Taiwan Film Festival, 34th Torino Film Festival, Hong Kong Independent Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival. Her latest moving image work, Letter to the Outsider (2018) is screened in EYE Filmmuseum and selected for the competition in the 20th Seoul International Women´s Film Festival.