Liu A, Sing A, and Bi Hong

Tsu Ting TSHUA

Taiwan〡2018〡Fic〡49min〡Color〡Taiwanese〡English Subtitle
2019 台灣國際女性影展 台灣競賽 入圍

The tinkling sound of the wind chimes, the soothing harmonica, and the sudden thundershower in the afternoon.These were what Liu A’s summer made out of. The Kua-á-hì stage at the temple yard, the unknown photographer, the excitement of debut, and the bittersweet harmonica. These were what Sing A’s summer made out of. The scattered hair and dance moves, the drifting raft by the lake, and the boisterous feast of the full moon. These were what Bi Hong’s summer made out of.


Tsu Ting TSHUA

From Lakkah, Tainan. A cinematograph major graduated from Filmmaking Department of TNUA. Currently learning the art of expressing thoughts through images and films.