Localized Blindness

Wai Yin YAN

Hong Kong〡2019〡Exp〡20min〡Color, BW〡English〡English Subtitle
✧ 2020 南方影展 最佳實驗片

Constructed in the form of an eye test/observational diagnosis, Localized Blindness is a semi-autobiographical video that documents several internal monologues: What is left after the passing of an individual? It's between me - an individual who witnessed consecutive passings; another me - an observational being who observed the changes of my accompany and the surrounding; and the other voices, all that echo the distance between the subject and the outsider.


Wai Yin YAN

Yan Wai YIN (b. 1994, Hong Kong) is an artist/researcher based in Hong Kong who graduated from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong in 2016. Before that, she took part in the Floating Projects Collective (FPC) and collaborated with various members since 2015. She works with animation and video, her practice mainly focuses on exploring frame as a spatial aid and the idea of a motif in the building of a narrative.



EP.2 腦內風景的奇幻旅程〡專訪《局部失明》導演忻慧妍

藝術總監.黃柏喬、影展人員.楊珂溦〡32min〡05 SEP 2020


《局部失明》是對我來說很重要的人離開的時候,因為有很長一段時間沒辦法處理自己的情緒及溝通的障礙,所以做了這個作品,而這部作品對我來說是一個溝通的出口。「我不停地在想,一個陌生人,怎樣能跟我一起共同進入一個平等的空間,這個作品我不想要交代一個東西給你,我想要和觀眾一起共同度過一個時間」— 忻慧妍

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