Love You, Michael

Hao-Tai WANG

✧ 2021 Minikino Film Week – Bali International Short Film Festival

The son who was watching the movie received news footage from his friend. At the same time, the father kept calling him to turn off the TV in the living room. Going up and down the stairs, passing by the photos of Michael Jackson, everything seems to imply the scars that repeat in history.


Hao-Tai WANG

Hao-Tai WANG graduated from the production group of the Department of Communication Arts at Fu Jen Catholic University in 2017. In 2018, he participated in more than 10 advertising shooting. Now he is studying for a master's degree in the Department of Motion Pictures at National Taiwan University of Arts, and focusing on his director's works.

05.08 ㊃ 10:00〡中正大學 傳播學系


The whole film was shot in one shot using a mobile phone. The perspective of the mobile phone is a metaphor for the perspective of modern people watching the world. It seems that they are watching the world through the frame and medium of mobile phones. There are three screens appearing, the screen of the mobile phone, the screen of the TV, and the screen of the computer. All screens are expounding the same topic in different ways. In addition, there are always some changes in the same route the protagonist walks. All contents are certified to each other, as for which screen and content are more important, it is entirely up to the viewer to choose.

11.11 ㊄ 10:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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