Meat Days


Taiwan〡2006〡Ani〡Color〡12 min〡No Dialogue
✧ 2008 The ifva Awards – Special Jury Prize
✧ 2006 Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films – Honor Award
✧ 2006 South Taiwan Film Festival – Best Animation Nominees

In a chaotic time of men eating men, A-e gets some human meat by selling her body…...



An independent Taiwan animation director whose works often explore the dark side of human nature and are filled with horror and suspense. His films have captured attention in many international film festivals. MEAT DAYS (2006) was nominated in the Busan International and Hiroshima Animation Film Festivals. THE PRESENT (2014) was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival and was awarded Best Animated Short Film at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. He collaborated in the production of No. 7 Cherry Lane NO. 7 CHERRY LANE (2019) which won Best Screenplay at the Venice International Film Festival. NIGHT BUS (2020) was awarded Best Animated Short Film at Sundance Film Festival, Grand Prix Best Short Film at Animafest Zagreb, received Public Prize at Ottawa International Animation Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short Subject at the Annie Awards.

11.12 ㊅ 18:00〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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Human nature has always been the motif that intrigues me the most. "Meat Days" is a horror and thriller story about how people survive in a chaotic world. How the heroine sacrificed to her family, but in the end she was betrayed by another primal instinct. A charcoal sketch-alike visual though is to express the deep depression, but it still reveals love, sacrifice and selfishness of human beings.