Mrs. Mad Mrs. Bitch Mrs. Man

WANG Yuchen

China〡2021〡Fic〡Color, B&W〡82 min〡Mandarin〡World Premiere

This film consists of three short films that overlap in time and reflect on the lives of young people in China.

A woman searches alone for her missing man. A marriage turns into a desolate self-projection. She walks the streets they used to walk together, only to end up finding another woman. As she summons up the courage to share her secret, the truth of the man's disappearance comes into plain sight. The confused woman in the marriage wants to confront her husband's first love. The confused man in the marriage wants to find his first love. The prostitute who roams in pleasure carries an equally secret personal history.

Zhilv Zhang is a male webcam model who performs erotic acts covertly and whose hobby is to take daily walks. Talking with his subscribers day after day makes him weary, and his hidden failures add to his need to stay alone. One day, he receives an old theater ticket, but as he looks for the place on the address, he eventually realizes that the space for solitude has never existed for him.

Meet, then indulge. Clap, then part.


WANG Yuchen

Wang Yuchen, director and screenwriter, born in Shanghai in 1994. Now he lives and works in Shanghai.

11.07 ㊀ 21:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
11.12 ㊅ 22:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳
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This feature film has no permission to be shot or screened, not to mention any possibility of distribution in mainland China. Therefore, it was shot guerrilla-style like my short films. The time it was made meets the raging pandemic, since which I feel that the innermost loneliness of Chinese people has gone to extremes. So I put the actors on isolated islands by using an extreme pattern of having no more than two people per shot. These isolated islands carry a discussion of human rights in the actual context of my country. It is just that this discussion, like my filming, always has no choice but to be hidden underground. This work, which is a reflection of the emotional state of young people in China, has been banned even from being uploaded to private web drives, making it very difficult for young people to reach it and somewhat ironic and helpless for us the creators.