My Father at Grandma’s Funeral 

Bo Jyun JHAN

Taiwan〡2019〡Ani〡12min〡Color〡No Dialogue
2019 高雄電影節 國際短片競賽 入圍
2019 金馬獎 最佳動畫短片 入圍

The child went to the father’s home village for the first time to attend grandma’s funeral with his family. However, his mother left the funeral after having arguments with the father’s family. The father and the child stayed at the funeral alone to tackle the unfriendliness of the father’s family and the death of grandma. In the end, the father and the child can only stay at the riverbank when grandma was buried far, far away in the watermelon farm. That was the first time the child saw his father’s tears.


Bo Jyun JHAN

Was born in 82 years, graduated from Deqing Institute of Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering Associate Degree, University graduated from the National Formosa University of Science and Technology Department of Multimedia Animation Bachelor, after entering the Tainan Arts the of University National Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art, learning animation.