Nanyang Express : Trans-drifting and South Sea Crossing

Yi Chi LIN

Taiwan〡2018〡Exp〡13min〡Color〡Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Indonesian〡English Subtitle
2019 高雄電影節 國際短片競賽 入圍
2019 台灣國際女性影展 台灣競賽獎 入圍
2018 台北美術獎 優選

In the early years, a lot of Kinmenese would go to Southeast Asia to search for job opportunities. Yet, such action left them with no choice but to move away from home and put down roots in another country for good, so all they could do was send ghostwritten family letters to their relatives, whose images, as well as the impression of hometown, had gradually faded from their memories. Hence, I regard myself as a messenger and decide to embark on a journey based on the track of the trans-island migration in my family. Through the artistic practice that incorporates on-site video documentation, family letters/photos, collected oral reminiscence, and personal experience of multilingual communications, I aim to tell the story that profoundly portrays the lives of Kinmenese diasporas.


Yi Chi LIN

Born in 1986, Yi Chi LIN obtained an MA in Fine Arts from the TNUA and is currently doing another master’s degree in the Department of Motion Picture at the NTUA. Focusing on video and experimental cinema, LIN works in contemporary arts as well as film. She regards image as a medium, and therefore through re-construction and destruction, she creates an ambience in her works that surpasses reality. Her works are known for the unique ambiance and the subversive experimental spirit and also been shown on several awards at film festivals in Taiwan and abroad.