Shape of the World


China〡2020〡Doc〡69min〡Color〡Mandarin, English, Portuguese, Korean〡English Subtitle
✧ 2020 西寧First青年電影展 紀錄片入圍

This film was shot in 8 different countries based on the clue of a both bodily and spiritual traveling. Through the traveling, the director explores the relationship between desire and freedom, war and faith. 24 long shots in the film construct a self-discovery journey that wandering between the real and the imagined.



ZHAO Xu, film director and artist, born in Inner Mongolia in 1992 and dropped out of UAL Wimbledon Art College in 2013, based in Beijing now. His first feature film Hills and Mountains was selected by West Lake International Documentary Festival in 2018. It was also the closing film in 2017 JIMEI x ARLES INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL and was screened at UCCA “New Asian Scenery” Program. In 2015, his short documentary film Regarding Lambs in the City won the jury prize of the 12th Beijing Independent Film Festival and was sought after by Li Xianting Film Fund. It was also selected by the 12th China independent film festival, the 6th Chinese Visual Festival and London We Are the People Film Festival. Besides films, his works also include paintings and video installations.


主持人|宣傳統籌 / 劉映辰

EP.26 拋下書本後的世界之旅​〡專訪《世界的形狀》導演趙煦​

宣傳統籌.劉映辰〡29min〡17 OCT 2020


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