She Doesn't Care


Taiwan〡2021〡Fic〡Color〡33 min〡Mandarin
✧ 2022 Special Jury Prize, Best Actor, 44th Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films
✧ 2022 Jury Prize, Youth Film Festival
✧ 2022 Best Supporting Actress nominated, Taipei Film Festival

In a coastal town, a self-centered girl, Xiao-Chun lives with her mother Shui in the room of the landlord KAOS. One day, Mrs. KAO throws all her rage upon Xiao-Chun. This act triggered Shui.


Graduated from the department of communication-art in Chanyang University of technology. SHE DOESN'T CARE is her college graduation work.

05.27 ㊅ 10:00〡土城圖書館

The story is set in Taiwan in 2010, during the time while the director was in middle school. Director hopes to bring you back to 10 years back, stepping into the shoes of an eighth grade syndrome girl. This film is not to judge, rather looking forward to the audiences participating in Xiao-Chun’s life.

11.08 ㊁ 10:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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