The Boundaries

Miao Yuan LONG

China〡2018〡Exp〡15min〡Color〡No Dialogue
2018 日本Art in Country of Tokyo 實驗藝術節AICOT(15分鐘剪輯版)
2017 波蘭WRO媒體藝術雙年展(48分鐘現場演出版本)

Shenzhen River (the border btw Hong Kong and Shenzhen), and the Second Line of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (the border btw Socialism China and Capitalism China) were compared to the Berlin Wall. The Second Line was constructed in June 1982, demolished June 2015. The First Line (Shenzhen River) still flows, running deeper and deeper after 1997. Artist Miaoyuan LONG and Zen LU (the ON/OFF media Group) documented major checkpoints along these two boundaries. It’s a piece to illustrate the Big Escape (Touch Base Policy) from mainland China to Hong Kong during 1950-70s and the geopolitical history of Shenzhen. The 48min audio-visual live performance version was Official selection of Draft Systems 2017 WRO Media Art Biennale, Poland.


Miao Yuan LONG

Miao Yuan LONG Producer / Director / Cinematographer / MFA in Creative Media / Bachelor of ManagementCrossmedia and cross-region filmmaker. Founder of Story Farm Productions,which dedicated to interdisciplinary media creation. His works were selected or awarded by many international film festivals and biennales.