The Calling

Chia Hsien CHUO

Taiwan〡2019〡Fic〡25min〡Color〡Mandarin,Taiwanese〡English Subtitle
2019 高雄電影節 國際短片競賽 入圍
2019 新北市學生影像新星獎 入圍
2019 關渡電影節 入選

Ding-You, who plays the role of civil messenger in his GENERAL CLUB, is greatly troubled by the conflict of his family’s expectation and his own dream after high school. Although he has always wanted to study art but he has never told his father about it because his father expects him to study in a national university. He got a chance to interview for an art school’s admission but it clashed with their procession date. What’s worse was that his disturbed mind has impeded his ability to invoke his god. Despite of his friend’s constant support, he must deal with the problem among his father, his god and himself.


Chia Hsien CHUO

Senior student of Kun Shan University. During college time he was awarded several times for his films and original screenplays. Due to his interest in the interpretation of images, he has strong desire to make commercial films with artistry.