The Defender

Shih Han TSAO

Taiwan〡2018〡Fic〡88min〡Color〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡English Subtitle〡輔導級12+
2019 金穗獎 特別放映

Li Hui-zhen, who is a public defense counsel at a court, takes over a murder case involving teenagers of Ah-cheng. But the existing evidence is unfavorable to defendant. Seeing that the courtroom procedures are merely formalities, it seems as if Ah-cheng will certainly be found guilty. With the grandmother frantically seeking leniency, Hui-zhen is moved and decides to seek help from former criminal policeman. However, with everyone's testimony, the material evidence, and the judge's opinion going against her, how can Hui-zhen deal with and reverse her weak position?


Shih Han TSAO

Shih Han TSAO, a filmmaker from Taiwan. His films are mostly known for way of using black humor to describe the hardships of lower-class people in Taiwan, such as sex workers, old veterans that have been forgotten by society, and public defender who struggles with rules and forms.