The Encounter Story

Yu Chieh CHIU

Taiwan〡2019〡Ani〡6min〡Color〡No Dialogue
2019 台南畫世代動畫影展 第二名、最佳技術獎

This story is telling about a little girl who entered into her fantasy. In her fantasy, she was in a shrinking body alluring by the fragrance and came to the field of production. When seeing the master produced rice cake, her intention of consuming it flashed on. Afterwards, she regarded the tower of rice cake as her goal and started a sequence of her adventurous journey.


Yu Chieh CHIU

Currently studying at the Animation Communication Design Department of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. I want to use the technology I have learned and the team members to create an animation with local cultural elements in Tainan to promote Tainan, a city with an ancient capital.