The Island of Us


Taiwan〡2022〡Ani〡Color〡19 min〡No Dialogue
✧ 2022 Best Animated Short Film, 44th Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films
✧ 2022 Taichung International Animation Festival

Seed who can’t get under the sun and the shadow who needs light to exist is the meaning of life for each other. Seed made up her mind to find a way to be with the shadow, get on the exploring journey in this strange world.



YU Yu specializes in Stop Motion Animation, who graduated from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Animation. At the end of 2018, YU Yu went back to Taiwan and founded her own Shadow Step studio, to continue making more stop motion commercial and personal projects.

9月後Coming Soon〡臺南大學 戲劇系

本屆南方影展片單中最具野心的停格動畫作品,不論製作規格和內涵的哲學性都有清楚的挑戰性! 也在2022年初勇奪金穗獎最佳動畫短片,媒材上使用大量柔軟的羊毛氈來詮釋生命中不可避免的沉重,呈現極具反差的視覺意象。音樂表現更是可圈可點,同樣獲得金穗獎最佳音樂的肯定。

We tried to explore how to insist on what we love if we are in a world that can't avoid being affected by others like this island? If we realize the world is a circle that can't escape, will we still take our chances and try again for our loved ones?

11.04 ㊄ 13:00〡台南新光影城 4 廳
11.12 ㊅ 19:50〡台南新光影城 4 廳
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