The Kuang Has no Frame

Ying Chi KUANG

Taiwan〡2019〡Doc〡15min〡Color〡Mandarin〡English Subtitle

To what extent are we involved in our own past dreams-achieving? Leaving home at call costs, this is an insistence which is beyond rain or shine, only those who stick to it can understand. Maybe it is such persistence, Lao Tang Lake (Lao-Tang-Whoo) can only be built over a long period of time. The mad artist Yi Kuang, because stubbornness is the name of a madman. Lao Tang Lake (Lao-Tang-Whoo) seems to be his biggest canvas, carrying his various imaginations.


Ying Chi KUANG

Graduated from Kun Shan University Department of Visual and Communication Design. Has been a TA at 3D media courses. Finished a 3D short film with her teammate when graduating. After graduation, she becomes a freelancer. Does not want to be limited and being positive to learn every domain.