The Little Shrimp

Chilam CHAN

China, USA〡2019〡Fic〡62min〡Color〡Mandarin, Cantonese〡English Subtitle
✧ 2019 洛杉磯華語電影節 最佳劇情長片獎
✧ 2019 多倫多木蘭國際電影節 開幕之夜

Cheng (Andy CHOI), who goes to college in Boston, returns to the muggy Guangzhou on his final summer break. To his dismay, his maternal grandfather has died but no one in the family, including his mother (Crystal LEE), is willing to talk about it or their feelings. His elder sister Yam (Isabelle CHAN), locks herself every day in her room and smokes. ​His father (James AU) is always busy on the phone to take bets from sports gamblers. The family of four will soon move to a new place, but a shadow of estrangement looms above them. Getting drenched in sweat, sometimes by rain, Cheng discovers a melancholy reality, both old and new, in a city he calls home.


Chilam CHAN

Born and raised in Guangzhou, China, Chilam CHAN is a director, writer and cinematographer, obtaining his MFA from Emerson College in Film & Media Art, Boston, MA. Through narrative, experimental and still photography, CHAN's works explore issues of urbanization and their effects on the lives of working-class people. Many of his works are marked by raw and intense emotions. CHAN also tries to express the impacts of urbanization by using different image “texture,” film, as well as early-stage digital camera and cassette.


主持人|競賽統籌 / 張喬勛

EP.4 有一種好,叫老爸老媽為你好〡專訪《何蝦仔》導演陳志霖

藝術總監.黃柏喬〡35min〡09 SEP 2020


從資訊管理系到電影研究所?讀電影之後才發現,很多事情不是只有一個答案。關於創作?就像解構自己一樣。我的製片跟我說,導演一定要把自己撕開,雖然過程會伴隨著痛苦,但唯有如此,痛苦才能消除。「我覺得人一定要找到適合自己的位子,不要讓外面的世界帶著你跑,嘗試面對更多的自己 是一件很重要的事」— 陳志霖

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