The Mystery of the Sunshine Boulevard

LIU Hsing

Taiwan〡2021〡Fic〡Color〡32 min〡Mandarin〡World Premiere

“When the Big digger points to the Guandu Plain, the Sunshine Boulevard will be fucking awesome because the Boulevard never disappoints you.”

Yang, my friend, said so for a hundred years. Also, I'm the first person to listen to the story. However, everybody knows that Yang is the man of bullshit, so maybe those are bullshit, too.


LIU Hsing

LIU Hsing, a normal man living on the Ershizhang Road, also a Aquarius as well as AB blood type, especially being fond of cats and baseball, currently has been studying in the department of filmmaking of the National Taipei University of the arts.

11.11 ㊄ 10:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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It’s a pleasure to attend this festival with this work that I shot in my junior year production class. I still remember at that time, including this shooting, there was a series of confusion, fatigue, and being pushed forward simultaneously. However, there is also a sincere heart that can't wait to face and question itself in the creative work…Anyway,I was not thoughtful then, this story is very straightforward in describing my life. I hope you guys will like it.