The Price of Democracy

Jian Hua LIAO

Taiwan〡2019〡Doc〡91min〡Color〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡English Subtitle〡保護級6+
2019 香港國際紀錄片節 長片組 入圍

The expressions of democratization are usually interpreted by elites from two different parties but neglect the real faces/ life of every individual among the resistance rally. The director (a confused twenty-something) looks back upon the 40-year-history of democratization of Taiwan through the life experiences of two old-timers (who are grass-root rebels). He attempts to discover what causes their actions and decisions to be lefties, and what are their limitations.


Jian Hua LIAO

Jian Hua LIAO, born in Chiayi, Taiwan. His first documentary: The Last Insurrection was nominated for (2016) Taiwan International Documentary Festival-Taiwanese Competition, and DMZ International Documentary Film Festival-Asian Competition.