The Tree Remembers

LAU Kek-Huat

2019 韓國DMZ紀錄片國際影展 亞洲競賽 入圍
2019 台北電影節 最佳紀錄片、音效設計、配樂 提名
2019 金馬獎 最佳紀錄片 入圍

Derived from the proverb "What the axe forget, the tree remembers", presents the current situation in Malaysia whereas the racial policy is still practised in Malaysia and the victims forced to have remained in silence. This film tackles the origin of racism in Malaysia and the taboo of racial riot in 1969.


LAU Kek-Huat

Kek Huat LAU was born and brought up in Malaysia, but then worked as primary school teacher for 4 years in Singapore. In 2006, he enrolled in film studies at the National Taiwan University. He has twice won the Best Short Film Award at the Taiwan Golden Harvest Festival, and the Best Director Award in 2009. His latest film Nia’s door won Best Short Film Award, Sonje Award in Busan International film festival l, selected for 38th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. His written first feature film Boluomi , also won him the Tokyo Talent Award 2015, Best Script Award in 2013 Taiwan. Boluomi is based on his own family story derived from his documentary Absent without leave, which is banned by the Malaysia government. The Same Year, LAU participated the Golden Horse Academy, led by director Hou Hsiao-hsien.