Viatical Settlement

Chun Hao CHAN 

Taiwan〡2019〡Fic〡89min〡Color〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡English Subtitle
✧ 2020 西雅圖影展
✧ 2020 台北電影節 最佳女配角獎 入圍
✧ 2020 金鐘獎 電視類入圍 電視電影獎、戲劇類節目剪輯獎、燈光獎、迷你劇集/電視電影編劇獎,男主角獎,男配角獎,女配角獎

Insurer Ah-bin lived to his forties and never thought that he could be a saint. Just by stamping on policies and he can change people's lives. Everything starts from the loan shark, Mr. Hsi who saw the potential business from Ah- bin. As long as Mr. Hsi pays the premium, Ah-bin takes care of the insurance claims, and the insured “exchange some of their owns,” everyone are beneficial. What's better than a deal like this?


Chun Hao CHAN

Chun Hao CHAN was graduated from department of motion picture at NTUA. His graduation project The Roar was nominated for the best TV movie, the best director, and the best leading actor from 54th Taiwan Golden Bell Award. His second film Viatical Settlement tells a crime story about insurance fraud, was nominated at Seattle International Film Festival. His works portrait the desire of small people and the social phenomena happens in Taiwan, started from social realism and lately developed into the genre of crime, mystery, thriller, sci-fi.



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