When Grandma Turns Orange

HO Sze Wai

Hong Kong〡2018〡Fic〡36min〡Color〡Cantonese〡English Subtitle

It was an unbelievable experience to direct my grandma and cousin, the two main characters, in the story about myself on-site. To reconstruct the scenes from my memory was like ticking back the clock, together my grandma and I went through all the thick and thins all over again. Everything was so magical, even if it is only a 30-minute long reminiscence.


HO Sze Wai

Ho Sze Wai, majoring in Film Concentration of Hong Kong Baptist University. With the immense interest and passion in film, it is always my desire to provide the audience a different experience from feeling and understanding the world. At the stage of being a fresh graduate, there are two ambitions for me to be fulfilled: For one thing, explores and loves films as much as possible. For another, explores and learns to feel every precious moment of the world, as these fantastic ideas and experiences are gonna be the best friend of my future creative production.