Wong, Bitter Gourd

WONG Weng-Chon

Macau〡2018〡Ani〡4min〡Color〡Cantonese〡English Subtitle
2019 台北電影節 台北電影獎 動畫類 入圍
2019 城市游牧影展 台灣電影競賽 入圍
2019 薩格勒布國際動畫影展 學生競賽 入圍

A story, between father and son, happened round dinner table in the kitchen. "Bland lunch, day after day. the father who lives in the fridge. Discontented son. Inside the kitchen. Repast. Communication. Genes. On the verge of breaking out." Father and son came into a conflict because of a decision made by the son. To indicate the relationship between them through their reaction on that circumstances. We are all have some dissatisfaction with our parent’s personality,but meanwhile,we will gradually find them in yourself when you are growing up. The trepidation and the contradictory state.


WONG Weng-Chon

Weng Chon WONG. Macau Post-90s, with curly eyebrows. Passionate in 2D/3D animation, attempt to create video production through complex media. Produced a variety of independent animations and collaborate video productions, and had been participate in professional MV production.