You Make Me Look Like a Freak

Jyun Jie YANG

Taiwan〡2019〡Ani〡5min〡BW〡No Dialogue〡English Subtitle
✧ 2019 LINOLEUM當代動畫與媒體藝術節 實驗動畫與錄像單元 入選
✧ 2020 南方影展 評審團獎

There is a mysterious relationship between human and pets. They communicate in a non-verbal way. In the process of communication, they are full of feelings and guesses. This situation also exists in other intimate relationships.


Jyun Jie YANG

YANG utilizes hand-drawn animation artworks. Using shattered scenes, the existence and collapse of characters as my points of thinking, he demonstrates bizarre daily experiences, the slices of unconsciousness.


主持人|競賽統籌 張喬勛、工作人員 陳乃慈

EP.18 傾聽、表達、理性、感性:打開月光寶盒〡專訪《你讓我看起來像個怪胎》導演楊竣傑

競賽統籌.張喬勛、活動統籌.黃冠倫〡22min〡03 OCT 2020


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