Zui Tian

Guan Ping CHEN

Taiwan〡2020〡Doc〡36min〡Color, BW〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡English Subtitle
✧ ​2020新北市學生影像新星獎入圍

From a family's misidentification for years to the emergence of two old photo albums that inherited from Japanese ruled period, the unreachable legend suddenly became a variety of information within reach. After Kun-Lin WU, having no experience in related fields, found the secrets in the albums, he started collecting details in the city, put together a history that differs from which in the textbook, and rediscovered the forgotten story. While telling through different approaches, facing a society without a sense of belonging, how did he find himself when searching for his family?


Guan Ping CHEN

Neither being fond of the limelight nor being decision-maker material, but she decided to take the plunge and push the limit before graduation. This impulse and courage made the stumbling block of impatience and diffidence become a stepping stone to reacquaint herself.



EP.27 鄉愁,從離開的味道說起​〡專訪《醉甜》導演陳冠萍

南方影展藝術總監.黃柏喬、 影展人員.楊珂溦〡40min〡17 OCT 2020


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