A Dance with Granny

YANG Chun-Yu

Taiwan〡2021〡Exp〡Color〡11 min〡Mandarin, Hakka

The meeting of three kinds of media constitutes this person: See the expectation in the single frame, see the cheerfulness in the digital camera, and hear the fragile hearts in the film. The frames travel between home and Taipei. Then put the digital camera closer, stretch the film away. Each of them processes a kind of dialogue. Especially the private conversation with the sound of the screening. The combination of family film, the documentary, and the photographer who was recorded. This is the homework we gave to ourselves.


YANG Chun-Yu

Graduated from the Department of RTV, NCCU, majoring in Media Production. He grew up in a Hakka settlement in Longtan, lived with his grandfather and grandmother, and developed a direction of creation focusing on Hakka, family, grandparents and grandchildren.

09.26 ㊁ 13:30〡雲林科技大學 圖書館
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“How a wife regains her life focus when facing the death of her husband, and how a grandson should connect more with the family when facing the death of his grandfather.” I call my grandmother “po-po”. She was a lively, people person, until the year before when Grandfather left her. She isolated herself, and the loss of life focus also stopped her from dancing. I realized that I have the responsibility to accompany her to move on, so through this piece of work, I hope that she can refocus her life back to herself; also, I hope to connect more with my grandmother.

11.06 ㊐ 10:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡★ Q&A session with the Director
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