A Monk and his Mother

TSAI Shu Erh

Taiwan〡2017〡Fic〡29min〡BW〡No Dialogue
2018 西寧FIRST青年電影展短片競賽 最佳劇情短片獎
2018 金穗獎 優選獎

A monk must come home to take care of his dying mother. The problem is his mother is still mad at him for leaving home years ago, she would not want to see him again. In a peaceful way, monk waits for her mother’s death. However, since the moment the monk stepped into home, everything here around had triggered his deepest memory. When the past arises, the monk found out that his feeling was no longer under controlled.


TSAI Shu Erh

Tsai Shu-Erh, a Taiwanese director and screenplay writer, is good at using the genre to tell stories of which films’ theme is always around exploring the multiple sides of human’s inner emotions and characters. Worked with the famous horror movies master Takashige Ichise, the outstanding screenplay writer Kuo-Jung Tsai, and other remarkable film makers. In 2016, screenplay CC Daddy is the only one from Taiwan adopted by the《Early Bird Film Director Project》of Hong Kong International Film Festival.